Project Attributes:

Field of Study: Biology
Taxon: All
Location: Local
Classroom Suitable: Yes
Teaching Materials: No
Training Required: No

Wyoming BioBlitz

Project Description:

BioBlitz is a weekend-long survey of plants and animals found at a specific location, conducted by professional biologists and citizens. The location changes every year. Teachers may earn continuing education credits.

Research Question:

What species are present in this location at this time? For locations that have not been surveyed previously, this information is used to establish baseline information about biodiversity. In some cases, the information is compared to earlier surveys, to determine if the species have changed over time. 

Project Details:

Time Frame: At designated times only

Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. In 2017, the dates are June 23-25. 

Time Commitment: Spread over several days

Project Contact Information:

Sponsoring Organization: Audubon Rockies
Project Contact: Jacelyn Downey http://rockies.audubon.org/engagement/bioblitz
Email: jdowney@audubon.org
Phone Number: (307) 756-3941

410 Mckean Rd. 
Moorcroft, Wyoming